Cost Estimating for Modular Homes, Constructed Homes, & Renovations

There are three costs associated with a new modular home and or constructed home: (1) the land, (2) the site work and (3) the modular or constructed home. When we meet with you, we can assign dollar figures to the categories below.

Land. This is cost of the building lot. Arundel Homes does not sell lots, but we may be able to assist customers in finding them. The lot must be buildable, both in a physical and legal sense. Physical might encompass things such as terrain and soil, while the legal issues may refer to recently-evolving population growth ordinances.

Note: Before you buy a building lot, feel free to consult Arundel Homes to view the lot with you.

Site Work. For our purposes, “site work” encompasses all the work to bring a piece of unimproved land to a foundation ready to receive the modular home or construct a framed home. Arundel Homes will estimate your costs in Excavation for foundation, septic system or public sewer line, driveway, culvert and drains, as necessary; Well Drilling or hook-up to a public water line; Foundation with bulkhead and windows; Foundation sill plate, sill insulation and sill sealer; Concrete floor; Plumbing; Electric; HVAC; Exterior Steps; Garage/Breezeway/Deck/Covered Porch, etc; Basement Stairs; and Loam and Seed of the immediate area.

Note: Arundel Homes subcontractors may or may not do all this work under the direction of our own Project Consultant depending on the customers’ wants and needs.

Modular Home or Constructed Home. This is the cost of your modular home, manufactured by New England Homes, Professional Building Systems, or KBS Building Systems  and built to your exact specifications by Arundel Homes or the materials and labor cost of a site constructed home. It includes the basic cost of the home as well as all upgrades and options you to choose from. It also includes the cost of final finishing from electric to painting walls to a finished product you’ll be proud to call home!